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Monkey Island. Grand Lake. It’s kind of a legendary place.

Things have changed over the years. The old Shangri-La Lodge has been replaced with the beautiful Shangri-La Golf Club and Clubhouse.

The golf courses have been redone to an excellent 27 holes…perfect for hosting tournaments as well as keeping things challenging for the locals.

And Shangri-La Marina has been transformed into one of the largest marinas on Grand Lake.

Through it all, people keep coming to Monkey Island.

And…I bet you are hungry…otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this page on the interwebs.

So, here you go….hungry person looking for a place to eat on Monkey Island:


Featured Monkey Island Bars & Restaurants:



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Aqua Bar & Grill at The Landings Marina
Address 56551 E. Hwy 125 Monkey Island OK 74331 Phone: (918) 257-4440
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The Shebang
Address 29975 S 566 Rd Monkey Island OK 74331 Phone: (918) 257-5569
Categories: Monkey Island Bars & Restaurants
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  1. Dale McBee Says:

    Any restaurants going to be open around Monkey island on thanksgiving day.

  2. Geoffrey Monical Says:

    Don’t know. You’ll have to contact them directly.

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