Are you ready to add your business to the Grand Lake Living website? If you are in business around Grand Lake, you should be.

With over 200,000 page views in the last 12 months (as of Sept 2017) and over 21,000 clicks delivered to the websites and Facebook pages of Featured Grand Lake businesses, it’s safe to say that it flat out works. And who knows how many thousands of phone calls…

What should those numbers tell you?

People Are Looking Online for Information About Your Grand Lake Business, EVERYDAY!!

So, where do they find your information now?

Facebook? It’s good (well, it’s almost mandatory) to have a business page on Facebook, but unless you are posting content and engaging with people on a daily basis – or running successful ads – then it’s not going to drive much traffic to your business. (And please be careful of ‘agencies’ promising the world to manage your Facebook page).

Your website? IF you even have a website, how many people are visiting it? How are they finding it? Oh, and if you have a PAGE on someone else’s website, that is NOT your OWN WEBSITE. Sorry for yelling there.

You’ve got to have strategies in place to help people find your business online.

I’ve boiled it down to 3 easy to understand reasons why you should add your business to the Grand Lake Living website business directory – with either a free or Featured Business listing.

  1. Increased online visibility and exposure for your business.  What does increased visibility and exposure do?  Why, it attracts new potential customers to your facebook page, or to your website, or, hold on, to even call you.
  2. Targeted to Grand Lake consumers.  All of our efforts are designed around attracting the attention of those people searching the internet for information on Grand Lake businesses.  Whether they are coming for the first time or need a plumber for their lake home, we are actively targeting the Grand Lake consumer.
  3. It’s Easy & Convenient. You submit your information one time (simple form below) and I do the rest. And, if something changes…address, phone number, email, whatever, you just let us know and it’s changed.  Easy & Convenient.

This local business directory provides Grand Lake businesses an easy solution to reach a massive audience with minimal investment.  It truly doesn’t get any better than that.Our business directory pages are designed to drive targeted traffic to your business, which means more paying customers for you.

That’s why it’s so important for Grand Lake area businesses to have a strong online presence that makes it easy for potential clients and customers to find YOU.

Now I’m not telling you that print advertising is dead and you shouldn’t do that – it’s up to you to decide what gets you the best return on your valuable and limited advertising dollars.

But let me ask you this…if you get home tonight and your air conditioner is not working…are you going to grab a newspaper or grab your phone and start searching? Exactly…me too.

You can either have a Free listing of a Featured Business listing.

And, know this…

A Featured Grand Lake Business Listing on the website is the most affordable, reliable way to get your business in front of the most potential clients and customers at the most critical time – when they are looking!

Featured Business Listings start at $250 per year (or $150 for 6 months).

Just fill out this super simple form and we’ll get started on adding you to the Grand Lake Living website!

YES! Add my business to the Grand Lake Living website!

Free or Featured?

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