Boat Upholstery Repair at Grand Lake

Has extended exposure to sun, rain and wind caused damage to your boat seating and upholstery?

All those days rafted out at Party Cove or Dripping Springs or Woodard Hollow have finally caught up with your boat upholstery?

Or maybe the kids have done their damage. Or varmints (it happens!).

It’s going to happen, and when it does, you need it taken care of quickly so the rips and tears don’t take away from your fun on the lake or cause even more expensive problems.

Lucky for you, right here at Grand Lake you can find qualified boat upholstery repair professionals to help you out.


Featured Boat Upholstery Repair Professionals at Grand Lake


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Every boat is different and it’s important that you find experienced and highly skilled technicians to give you the absolute best quality boat upholstery and custom seat cover repairs in the Grand Lake area.

The other good thing for you is that local Grand Lake professionals are experienced in working on all the different kinds of boats you will find on Grand…pontoons, sailboats, open bows, and yes, even the cruisers and houseboats that call Grand Lake home.

As with anything, ask plenty of questions before you hire anyone, and make sure they have all the tools and training necessary to repair, refinish, clean and condition your boat’s vinyls, leathers, carpets, and plastics.

Tips on hiring an upholstery repair pro for your boat –

If you’ve not had to hire someone to repair your boat’s upholstery before, you might be a little uncertain on how to make sure you’ve found the right person or company to help you. Just keep these tips in mind as you are pondering who to hire.

  1. Make sure they focus on boats and the marine industry. Boats are exposed to a whole different level of wear and tear than your car, so make sure you look for shops that focus on boat upholstery repair.
  2. Ask about their experience. It’s OK to ask questions. Make sure they are experienced in whatever type of repairs you need. Seat covers, bimini tops, plastics…there are a bunch of different things that can be included when talking about boat repair and upholstery.
  3. Will they come to you? Often, it’s a royal pain in the rear to get your boat out of the lake and to someone else’s shop to work on your boat. Are they mobile ready and can they come to you to take care of your boat upholstery needs?
  4. Check out their shop. If you need to take your boat to them, make sure you check out their shop. Make sure it’s secure, and clean and looks like they do a professional job.
  5. Do they have a portfolio? Check it out. Ask to see some before and after pictures from some of their projects.
  6. Reviews and recommendations. Check out any online reviews or even go ahead and ask them for references to can confirm the quality of work they can do.

If you do those things…you’ll go along way to making sure you’ve hire the best Grand Lake area boat upholstery repair company for your needs.

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