It’s that boat buying time of the year – is it ever not a good time to buy a boat – and with that it seems like a quick reference should be available to find what boats are available and from which Grand Lake boat dealers.

And with that, this boat buyers guide was born.

This will come in handy for those who will be going to the Tulsa Boat Show, the Grand Lake Boat Show, or maybe just doing a little boat shopping on your own time in the Grand Lake area.

To go with this guide, you should also reference the Grand Lake boat dealers page on this site, which has at least a phone number and address for the places where you can, actually, buy a new boat at Grand Lake.

Regal Boats Cedar Port Marina

Maybe your in the market for a new Regal. You can get one at Cedar Port Boat Sales in Disney. Image is courtesy of Regal Boats.

And this isn’t really related to buying a used boat as almost all the dealers have a pretty hefty inventory of used boats to offer as well.

Of course, they are all happy to take your used boat as a trade-in on your purchase of a brand new boat.

Also, if your on the novice side of the boating world, you might want to check out this article that talks about the popular types of boats on Grand Lake.

All that said, here’s a rundown of all the new boats that can be bought at Grand Lake, by manufacturer, and where you can get them (this is alphabetical, so don’t read anything into the order they are listed).

As with all things in life…do your own research, make sure you’re getting the best boat for you, and for gawd’s sake…if you can’t afford a boat…don’t buy one!

Anyway, here’s that list and, yes, those are links to the manufacturer websites:

So there you have it…that should be every brand of boat you can buy on Grand Lake.

In one handy little webpage that you can reference and easily visit the manufacturer website, so you can do your own research to find out what boat is best for you.

And this way, you can do your own research and then contact a local dealer when you are good and ready.

That said, all the boat sales folks I know are genuinely happy to answer any questions you have…they just might not know as much about boats that they don’t carry.

If any of you dealers or sales folk see any mistakes on here, please just let me know and I’ll get it corrected.

So, happy boat buying and remember, when you do buy a boat…you might as well buy it from a Grand Lake boat dealer!


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