With the busy 2018 boating season just around the corner, many are already circling dates on their calendars for those all-important trips to Grand and Hudson lakes.

However, before you finalize those plans, the Grand River Dam Authority Police Department wants you to also consider setting aside some time for a boater safety education course this spring.

Once again, GRDA will be hosting a series of the “Kyle Williams Safe Boating Courses” free of charge at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley.

This year, those lessons will be offered March to June on the following Saturdays (all courses begin at 8AM): March 3April 14May 12May 19June 9 and June 23.

You can register on the GRDA website HERE. For more information, you can also contact GRDA’s Jamie Flud at (918) 256 0880.

While children in the under 16 age group need to take the course for certification, older adults are also encouraged to attend.

According to GRDA Officer Jason Littlefield, who has taught several courses over the years, adults can benefit from time in the classroom

“It’s a really good course,” said Littlefield. “I think it has something for everybody; no matter how old you are. It is something that will benefit you one way or another.”

A possible insurance benefit, opportunity to learn something new (including rules specific to Grand and Hudson lakes) and, ultimately, the chance to set an example for younger boaters, are all good reasons for adults to attend.

The goal of the GRDA Police Department is to help everyone boat safe, smart and certified this summer. These free courses can help you to do that.

You can find a complete list of the courses, and all the upcoming events in the Grand Lake area, on the Events page HERE.


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Boat safe, smart and certified … GRDA Police Officer Jason Littlefield leads a safe boating course at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley. As boating season approaches, GRDA will once again be offering the courses on select Saturdays, March to June.

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