The America’s Boating Course (ABC3), presented by the Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron, is now scheduled for 2015.

Spread the word to friends and neighbors that you would recommend to become members of our squadron, that the class will begin March 31st at the Grand Lake Visitors’ Center at 6:00 pm.

The Grand Lake Visitor’s Center houses both the Grand Lake Association and the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and is located at 9630 N. Hwy 59 in Grove.

There will be 4 classes: March 31st, April 2nd, April 7th and April 8th.

April 13th will be examination night and a brief introduction to what new members may expect from the squadron and what the squadron expects from its members.

An on-the-water exercise will be scheduled after the final examination for all class members.

The cost for the course is $40.00 which includes the on-the water portion of the course. If a spouse also takes the course and agrees to share the textbook with their spouse, their cost will be $13.00 to cover their cost of the on-the-water portion of the course.

Pre-registration is required as textbooks will only be ordered for pre-registered individuals.

Interested individuals may pre-register at the Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron booth at the Grove Boat Show March 6th and March 7th or by emailing Jim Sweeten at [email protected], or telephoning him at (918) 964-0849.

Pre-registration ends March 23rd. Individuals interested but unable to pre-register by that date will be added to a contact list for the fall class.

America’s Boating Course will give the boater the knowledge to decide what type and size boat you need, what to do when meeting another boat in a crowded waterway, and how to recognize and handle hazards.

Become a more competent boater, learn from the best, take America’s Boating Course today.

Also, many boat insurance companies will offer discounts on boating insurance to boaters who successfully complete America’s Boating Course.

What’s included?

  • Types of boats and their uses
  • Boating laws, both local and national
  • Safety equipment, both required and recommended
  • Finding your way, and adverse conditions
  • Communications
  • Trailering, knots and lines, and water sports topics
  • Introduction to navigating using digital and paper charts


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