There seems to be a lot of momentum and ‘good’ things happening at South Grand Lake right now.

From the 4-Wheelers who continue to come to the lake every weekend, to the growth of running events like the Lions Club 5K and the upcoming Sunset 5k benefitting Grand Lake Fireworks that continue to bring people to the area on a regular basis.

Plus, of course, the fish are biting, things are turning green and the summer boating season is almost here complete with all of the seasonal activities on the lake.

But even more than that, it’s the things that most folks don’t even realize are going on that are really exciting for the South Grand Lake area and have the potential to make the South Grand Lake area even more attractive as a full-time home.

Here are just a few:

  • Bolt Fiber Optic Services has the potential to transform the way business is done at Grand Lake. From enticing new employers with the fastest internet speeds available – anywhere! – to expanding educational opportunities, health care services and so much more.
  • Another new major employer at Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor is close to committing up to 1,000 jobs to Mayes County. This is another technology company, and their employees will live, and play, throughout Green Country and the Grand Lake area.
  • Private investment working to transform Downtown Langley.

The old Dollie’s Lounge in Langley has been completely remodeled into an art studio, complete with living quarters, and is just the first of redevelopments to the dilapidated buildings that have sat empty for years in Langley.

Langley Oklahoma development

The beginning of private investment in Downtown Langley turned the old Dollie’s Lounge into a completely remodeled art gallery complete with living quarters…

And you can’t forget the GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center, which has brought jobs, events, and visitors to Langley for a few years now.

With the private investment in Downtown Langley, plus ongoing progress that is quietly, but assuredly, being made in Disney with regards to infrastructure and the potential for new development, then maybe, just maybe, people will have a reason to come check out Pensacola Dam, and then stay and enjoy the area for a while and spend some money and have a good time.

All of these things work to point to something of a renewal in the South Grand Lake area.

Let’s just hope area community leaders and council members embrace everything that is being done by private and corporate interests to continue to make the South Grand Lake area a place that people want to call home.



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