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As any Grand Lake business owner knows, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Remember the days when you just listed your business in the Yellow Pages and waited for the phone to ring?

Oh, crap, a bunch of businesses still do that.  Do you?  So, which book do you list in?  Names & Numbers?  Preferred Directories?  AT&T?

How much does it cost for your business to be in all the ol’ retro phone books?

Dollars Spent on Advertising at Grand Lake

How Much Money Are You Spending?

Well, as we all know, people are more and more turning to the internet as a way to find trusted local businesses, whether it’s Tulsa, OKC, Wichita or Grand Lake.  And, while having your own website (you do have your own website, don’t you) is the best place to start, many businesses choose to not have a website, for all sorts of reasons.

But, you better still have at least some kind of online presence.  Why wouldn’t you?

Let’s just turn that around…OK?  Let me lay out some of the reasons why you SHOULD be online.

  1. Obviously, the most important reason to have an online presence is the increased visibility for your Grand Lake business.  With increased visibility comes an increase in the name recognition of your business in the local community, and that leads to more potential customers being aware of you business.
  2. So, an effective internet presence attracts new customers to your business.  Can’t be that, huh?  I know that over the past few years, my small website for my appraisal business was worth another 10% to the bottom line.  10% more business.  How much is that in real dollars for your business?  $6,000?  $12,000?  $20,000?  Think about that…
  3. You are always available.  Well, not you, but information about your business.  Word on the street is that there are a bunch of people who don’t sleep well.  Always wondering about this and that, tossing and turning all night.  You know what a bunch of them do?  Get up.  Get online.  Check things out.  You think someone may start wondering who might be a good fit to paint their house and do a little search on the net.  Can they find you Mr. Painter Guy? Maybe someone is pondering a new loan for whatever reason…a car, house, business….can they find you, Mr. or Mrs. Loan Provider?
  4. It’s affordable and trackable.  What do I mean, trackable?  As long as you are working with someone who knows what they are doing, you can always know how many people have visited your website or web page or whatever, where they came from, and what they clicked to leave your web presence.  That is called accountability for your marketing efforts.

Does this mean you have to get a website right now?  NO!! (Although we are a big fan of business websites)

But it does mean you better get some kind of online presence.

And, a banner ad on a website is NOT an online presence.  People don’t click on those things.

Follow me so far?  Good…

So, what’s next?  Whether you have a website or not, you must be marketing your Grand Lake business online.  What does that mean?

It means that you must have a place that can be easily found by searchers that lays out all of your contact information, who you are, and what you have to offer your customers.

Does your website do that?  I’ve seen a bunch of really, really bad business websites.

Have you marketed your website so people can find it?  Or, did you expect to just build it, and they will come.

Consider this for a minute…what if you partnered with experienced internet professionals whose sole mission was to generate traffic to a website that featured a detailed listing of your business.

More importantly, the website with your information was being actively promoted to people who where actually searching for information on Grand Lake businesses?

And, most importantly, what if it was so ridiculously inexpensive that there was no way to justify not promoting your business.

If that sounds good, then you really should get your business listed with us on Grand Lake Living.

For the incredibly low investment of $100, for an entire YEAR, you get your own exclusive page on our site at http://grandlake.wpengine.com.

And, on your exclusive page, you receive the exposure your business deserves with the inclusion of

  • all of your relevant contact information
  • your unique positioning within the market
  • active links to any existing internet properties you have, from a website to a Facebook page or even a Google+ page
  • Logo/photos, etc

The best part is, it’s all done for you.  Including getting potential customers for your business to find your information.

Quite frankly, it’s a no brainer for Grand Lake businesses to join us at Grand Lake Living.

Just fill out this form, and your on your way to more exposure, new customers and more peace of mind…as well as more time doing this…

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