11th Annual Pioneer Days

Har-Ber Village

The 11th annual Pioneer Days at Har-Ber Village Museum in Grove is set for September 22nd through the 24th.

This popular living history event includes Native American arts, hearth cooking, fiber arts, a flint knapper, blacksmith, and much more.

Normal admission rates apply.

Friday the 22nd is Education Day for Schools and Home School Co-ops, but is full for large groups.

Just some of what you’ll see this weekend includes:

Featured Heritage Craftspeople – The Heritage Craftspeople featured each year vary, but in the past have included people who perform blacksmithing, tin smithing, weaving and spinning, basket weaving, lace making, using a printing press, sewing, broom making, etc.

Living History Demonstrations – Demonstrations during this annual event vary, but may include laundry, churning butter, hearth cooking, making sausage, old-fashioned games, gardening, making dyes, and other daily tasks.

Hands-On Activities – Activities are provided at stations around the museum to enhance visitor experiences and understanding of pioneer life. Activities vary—visitors may be able to weave on a loom, spin wool on a wheel, churn butter, grind corn or coffee, dip candles, create old-fashioned toys, and more.

Music – Period music adds another dimension to Pioneer Day, and over the years has been performed by a variety of very talented musicians. Thank you all for helping to make our event special!

Vendors – Occasionally vendors will be invited to display and sell products that relate to the pioneer theme. Often, the heritage craftspeople will sell their wares or contract for a project during the day.



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