This weekend, August 16th & 17th, the big boy boats will be out again as Ugly John’s Thunder Bay Marina hosts the Cigarette Fun Run on Grand Lake.

This is a great chance for all Cigarette boat owners to come together and have some fun, take a tour around Grand Lake and show off these great boats.

The boats will be arriving at Thunder Bay on Friday, and beginning at 6:30 that evening will be on display for everyone to get a close up look at these great, high performing boats.

Cigarette Fun Run at Grand Lake

Cigarette Fun Run at Oklahoma’s Grand Lake!

Friday night at 8 pm will be REV THE DOCK. You don’t want to miss this sight and sound explosion as all the boats will be fired up at the same time…it’s gonna be LOUD!

The Fun Run itself gets started with a captain’s meeting at Ugly’s Grill and Bar at 11 am Saturday.

Then, at about 11:30, the boats will be led out of Duck Creek by Tow Boat US and the fun run will be off.

Once out on the main lake, the boats will make a run to the Pensacola Dam and do a slow troll boat parade along the dam. So, if you are at the deep end of the lake, get to the Dam on Saturday around noon and check out the awesome Cigarette boats.

After the slow parade at the South end, the boats will then make a run to Honey Creek Bridge on the South side of Grove, where another slow troll parade will take place for spectators in the Grove area.

Then, it’s off to Monkey Island and Shangri-La for a lunch stop at Island Joe’s.

At that point, the run is over, but there will be a raft-up for the Cigarette owners in the afternoon on Saturday.

For more information on joining the run, send an email to [email protected].

There is a $50 requested donation for participants, and event t-shirts will be for sale throughout the weekend.

So, whether you are a Cigarette boat owner or not, make sure to check out these great boats as they make their way around Grand Lake this Saturday.


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