The Annual Shoreline Cleanup of Grand Lake will be Saturday June 22nd with dumpsters located in several convenient locations for all to “Lend a Hand to Lady Grand”.

This event is a joint effort of the Grand River Dam Authority and the Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron and is designed to give people who want to help a place where they can throw away the debris that can be found along the shores of Grand Lake.

Grand Lake Shoreline Cleanup

Let’s keep Grand Lake clean from debris!

This IS NOT for people to just throw their crap away and is not for the commercial dumping of dock foam. Other excluded items include tires and tree limbs.

Instead, these dumpsters are specifically for debris removed from the lake by stakeholders who care.

Dumpsters will be available from 9am to 3pm and can be found at:

  • Grove Springs Park- Grove (O’Daniel Street behind McDonalds)
  • Bernice State Park- Bernice
  • Church of Christ- Ketchum
  • Disney State Park- Disney

This is a great way to help keep Grand Lake beautiful!

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