It’s that time of year around Oklahoma’s Grand Lake…the fireworks stands are opening, silly amounts of money will be spent and the full time Grand Lakers are prepared for the unstopping sounds of fireworks at all hours of the day and night for the next few weeks.

But that smell in the air also signals that it’s time for another July 4th celebration at Grand Lake, from Disney to Miami and all points in between.

With the 4th falling on a Thursday this year, that kind of spreads the weekend out a bit for everybody. And it appears that your best bet on Saturday night the 6th will be to cruise the lake for the private shows or just create your own since there is NOT an on the water boat show on Saturday night this year.

So, best I can figure, here is a schedule of the Fireworks Shows around Grand Lake for this upcoming July 4th holiday with helpful links to those that have them.

Grand Lake Oklahoma Fireworks

On the water boat shows are the best kind of Grand Lake fireworks!

The 2013 Duck Creek Fireworks, the annual event that draws thousands to Duck Creek, is scheduled for Thursday night, July 4th. Remember, this event always features awesome flyovers from vintage warbirds and F-16’s and is truly a Grand Lake tradition for many.

The 2013 Grand Lake Fireworks are scheduled for the next night, Friday July 5th. This now annual event is billed as a fireworks show for all Grand Lakers and takes place between the spillways in Disney.

Also on Friday, July 5th, is the 4th Annual Monkey Island Fireworks Show at the Monkey Island airport. This is another very popular fireworks show, especially for those in the Grove area.

If you are out in a boat on the night of the 5th you can probably float in an area where you can take in the best of both the Grand Lake Fireworks and the Monkey Island fireworks. But, you’ll have to keep your head on a swivel.

As I said, it doesn’t look like there is an on the water fireworks show for Saturday night, July 6th.

Not real sure why that is, because in the real world there are likely a lot of people who have to work on Friday the 5th and won’t even be at the lake until Saturday.

But the local fireworks gurus apparently couldn’t come together and create a schedule that would benefit all Grand Lakers. Oh well.

So there you have it…at least for ‘on the water’ fireworks at Grand Lake for the 2013 July 4th holiday.

Remember…boating at night is dangerous…always, always, always look out for the other guy.

Oh yeah, and fireworks are just a bit dangerous as well.

Be careful out there…but have a great 4th of July holiday at Grand Lake.


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