It’s that time of year, Grand Lakers!

The 2013 Tulsa Boat Sport and Travel Show is only a week away. That means spring must be right around the corner!

Everybody knows the drill. Monday, Jan 28th is rubbing elbows night, or VIP Night or, as it tends to be called in these parts, Grand Lake Night! Then the show continues through until Super Bowl Sunday.

A couple of things to remember…we haven’t seen any extended forecasts, but if it’s boat show time, then chances are pretty good it’s going to snow. So…be careful out there.

It is true, you can get screaming deals on new boats at the Tulsa Boat Show that you won’t get any other place or time. It really is the best time to buy a new boat.

And, the great thing about it is you can shop…because all of the dealers and boats are in one place. You don’t end up just looking at the boats that one marina offers, you can take your time and check out all the dealers, all the boats, and all the best deals.

And, there will be some bona-fide TV stars in attendance this year to. And no, I don’t just mean our locals that are in commercials. I mean true blue TV stars.

Like Phil & Bob from Wakebrothers on MTV. These dudes can fly, now. Something tells me Jerry from Cedar Port will be hanging a bit with these guys!

And, the Hillbilly Handfishers will be there as well, Skipper and Trent. Make sure you count their fingers if you shake there hands!

So, there you have it. After the Tulsa Boat Show, it’s all gravy.

Make your way to Tulsa next week, and by gawd, buy a boat!

2013 Tulsa Boat Show


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