2014 Aquapalooza at Grand Lake takes place this Saturday, July 19th towards the back of Duck Creek just Southeast of Harbors View Marina.

Billed as Grand Lake’s biggest on the water concert, raft-up and party, Aquapalooza has become a favorite of Grand Lake party goers over the years.

Aquapalooza is actually a national event that features live music, prizes and great fun for the whole family on lakes and waterways throughout the US.

This year’s Grand Lake version of Aquapalooza will feature a 20′ x 40′ barge stage with live entertainment from MASS FX out of Tulsa lasting from roughly 2 pm until 6 pm, give or take.

Grand Lake Aquapalooza 2014

There is a big Grand Lake party at Aquapalooza in Duck Creek this Saturday, July 19th. Photo courtesy of www.aquapalooza.com

The great guys at TowBoatUS Grand Lake will be providing the barge for the band and will also be on the water throughout the event to provide any assistance that might be needed.

There will be a large swim area right in front of the stage to give you an area to float, dance and relax.

And, if you don’t have a way to get out right in the middle of the mayhem, then Harbors View Marina is your place to go by land where you can hang out on the dock or even swim to the swim area or catch a ride from another friendly Grand Laker.

There is also an official FM transmitter station for the event so you can turn your radio to 100.1 FM to listen to all the action!

And, the Cherokee Queen will be in attendance as well. If you want to board the Queen and check out Aquapalooza that way, just call (918) 786-4272 for reservations and schedule your pickup for either Grove or Disney State Park.

So, if partying in and on the water with several hundred or more people is your thing, then Aquapalooza at Grand Lake towards the back of Duck Creek is the place for you on Saturday.

And, for anyone and everyone going to Aquapalooza on Saturday for a great Grand Lake party, remember…safety first.



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