The official press release from Grand Lake Sport Center is below, but there will NOT be a 2014 Great Grand Bobber Drop.

Based on the info below, this decision to cancel the Bobber Drop was made with the safety of the participants in mind.

This has been a very popular event over the years, and it doesn’t sound like the event is going away forever, with some hints that it may return in a different form in the near future.

But for right now – 2014 – there will be no Grand Grand Bobber Drop at Grand Lake.

Here is that press release:

It is with great regret that the Grand Lake Sport Center has decided to cancel the Great Grand Bobber Drop this year. This decision is weighing very heavily on our hearts but we simply cannot risk anyone being injured. We do not want to see this exciting event end in tragedy. We know that people will be disappointed; however, we are making this decision for the sole reason of keeping participants safe.
The Grand Lake Sport Center was proud to bring back the Great Grand Bobber Drop in my grandfather’s honor. It has proven to be more rewarding to my family than we ever expected. The Bobber Drop has brought in people from all across the country and created lasting memories for families year after year.
The purpose behind bringing back the Bobber Drop was to give back to the community and create an event that the city of Grove could be proud to host. Everything involved with the Bobber Drop is for the community.
We do not want you to think that bobber hunting is over forever, but it will need to return in a different form. The Grand Lake Sport Center has big plans to carry on the Bobber Drop but in a more centralized and protected environment beginning perhaps as early as next year. Keep your ears tuned and your eyes open for what is to come because we promise it will be just as rewarding as the Great Grand Bobber Drop.
We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Grand Savings Bank, KGVE, all the merchants of Grove and the surrounding areas, and to all of the individuals who volunteered and donated. We would also like to thank the Rotary Club, Arrowhead Boat Sales, The Parrot, Grand Lake Casino, The Grove Sun, The Chronicle and the Joplin Globe. Finally, we want to thank our parents, Dave and Carolyn Williams and everyone involved who is not specifically mentioned above.
This event would not have been possible without the contributions of so many people and we thank all of you for your help in ensuring that this event was Great and Grand for the past 5 years.
God Bless,
Sam, Patti and Krystal
Grand Lake Sport Center

2014 Great Grand Lake Bobber Drop

The 2014 Great Grand Bobber Drop has been cancelled due to safety concerns. Look for it to return as early as next year in a different form.


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