Har-Ber Village Museum In Grove, Okla., will host its third annual Ecology and Environment Day on Saturday, August 22, 2015.

The Grand Lake region has considerable value as an environmental resource: it is a significant habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species and its shoreline serves an important function in the local ecology.

The event, which starts at 9:00 am and goes throughout the day, features multiple demonstrations and exhibits presented by individuals and organizations about the importance of protecting these natural resources and wildlife.

Importance of Clean Water

The importance of clean water will be addressed by several groups. GRDA’s information booth educates the public on water quality issues in Grand Lake. The Oklahoma Conservation Commission’s Blue Thumb Program highlights efforts to protect water resources. The Delaware County OSU Extension Services interactive Stream Trailer allows visitors to see how water movement and erosion can affect the landscape as well as water quality.

Role of Plants and Animals in our Environment

The role of plants and animals in our environment is explained through information booths and interactive demonstrations. The Grand Lake Audubon Society shows the importance of protecting our natural resources and local birds. Amanda Wiley of the Bernice State Park Nature Center uses live animals to show how wildlife plays an important part in the ecology of Grand Lake. Neosho National Fish Hatchery has microscopes available to view macro invertebrates to showcase the important role invertebrates have in the fish population.


Recycling is a recurring theme throughout the Village on this day. The Cherokee Nation Environmental Program provides interactive display about recycling.  The Delaware County Friendship Home, facilitator for the City of Grove’s Recycling Program, focuses on what can be recycled locally.

Visitors can make a variety of projects from recycled materials: cards using paper pulp from recycled newspaper, art sculptures using recycled materials, a woven project using old t-shirts and a hula hoop, Tic Tac Toe games from recycled corn cobs, and braided jump ropes using recycled plastic bags.

Har-Ber Village’s volunteers highlight the process for 19th century recycling practices: how old clothing can be recycled into beautiful woven rugs; how grease and ashes can be turned into soap; and how yard debris and kitchen scraps can be turned into rich soil additives for the garden.

Throughout the day Jeannie Wheatley processes flax plants to collect linen fiber and spin that fiber into linen thread.  Jonee Davis and Joi Chupp demonstrate natural dyes. Gary Taylor displays stamps and covers related to ecology and the environment. Flintknapper Vyrl Keeter demonstrates his craft. GMSA focuses on the importance of Gas Safety and Elaine Kennedy helps visitors to classify a variety of rocks.

Girl Scouts of Missouri Heartland and The Cherokee Area Boy Scout Council are on site from 9:00am until noon to promote scouting and provide information about the scouting organization’s reverence for the environment.  Any scouts visiting this day will receive an Ecology Patch with their paid admission after participating in and completing activities.

Local vendors are a part of Ecology and Environment Day as well.  Susan Newman of Heart and Soul Creations features her artwork; Mark Messick of Out on A Limb, hand-crafted log bird houses; and Stanton Well of Glass Designs by Stan shows the craft of making stained glass.

Admission is free for all members! Har-Ber Village is offering a special half-price rate on individual, dual and family 2015 memberships through August.

All activities are free with Har-Ber Village Museum admission. (Adults 14-62, $10; Seniors 63+, $7.50; students ages 6-13, $5; under 6, free. Family rate is $30 for 2 adults and up to 10 students.) Har-Ber Village is open daily, Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday, 12:30-5pm, March 15 through November 15.

For more information, visit har-bervillage.com or call 918-786-6446.

Ecology and Environment Day at Har-Ber Village Museun


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