Har-Ber Village Museum in Grove, Okla., is going green for Ecology & Environment Day on Saturday, Aug. 3.

During the event, which will begin at 9 a.m., many local Grand Lake area organizations will engage Village visitors with presentations about how humans affect the existence of the region’s habitats.

Amanda Wiley, naturalist with the Bernice Nature Center, will feature live animals and will speak about how wildlife plays an important role in the ecology of Grand Lake.

Rachel Lawson, a Jay High School student and member of the Southwest Missouri Bee Keepers Association, will bring local honey bees and discuss how bees interact in nature, how they make honey and how bees are an integral part of our environment.Har-Ber Village Environment & Ecology Day

With the third interactive program, kids can make craft items out of recyclable products at the Cherokee Nation Environmental Program booth, which will promote recycling while children make bows, bracelets and paper flowers.

The Grand Lake Audubon Society will host a booth educating the public on the importance of actively protecting our natural resources and the area’s wild birds.

During a “sheep to shawl” program, presenter Jeannie Wheatley will demonstrate how to use organic products in the weaving industry by transforming raw sheep fleece into a finished woven shawl through spinning and then weaving.

Clean water is another important issue that today’s world faces, and several groups will address the topic.

The Oklahoma State University – Jay Extension will feature its interactive Stream Trailer to show guests how erosion and water movement affect the landscape.

GRDA will present about the dangers of Zebra Mussels and the importance of the water quality in Grand Lake.

Oklahoma’s Blue Thumb Program, a division of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, will talk about their efforts to protect water resources and educate citizens to help protect water quality in their own areas.

To round out the event, Sadie Cole-Gordon will present another of her interesting and informational talks on gardening.

Attendees can learn about “Tough Plants for Tough Weather” to ascertain which trees, plants and flowers thrive despite tough environmental challenges.  Cole-Gordon will also talk about the benefits of growing “Oklahoma Proven” plants and learn about the plants that will not thrive in northeastern Oklahoma.

“The purpose of this event is to educate people about how their choices can affect the natural world,” said Paige Yarborough, museum educator.  “Wildlife, both plant and animal, is dependent on unpolluted habitats, and it is important to be aware of our roles in the preservation of our natural resources.”

Har-Ber Village Museum’s Ecology & Environment Day is sponsored by Muscari Law and REC Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative.  For more information, call 918-786-6446 or visit or website at http://har-bervillage.com.

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