The Big Meat Run takes place this weekend, March 22nd and 23rd, in Disney, Oklahoma.

[Scroll down to the bottom for the GRDA Trail Map and also the GRDA Off-Road Regulations]

This massive off-road event is not only one of the biggest events in Oklahoma, but it’s one of the biggest off-road events in the entire country with THOUSANDS of folks descending on Disney over the weekend.

Literally, like 10,00 to 15,000 people.

So…safety first. And for that, we turn to our friends at GRDA – because without their support, BMR does not happen.

GRDA will again implement plans to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone that visits the GRDA properties for the event.

And if you want a little more information on the Town of Disney – Click Here.

GRDA Police officers will be active in the area in four-wheel drive vehicles as well as on UTV’s and in aircraft patrolling and enforcing the regulations and state laws on the lands below Pensacola Dam.

Those visiting the state properties of GRDA are reminded that consumption of alcoholic beverages, beer and wine will not be tolerated while operating or riding in a vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV.

Operating a vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in an arrest.

Helmets must be worn by all operators AND passengers who are under the age of eighteen (18) in any off-road vehicle, or vehicle being used for off-road activities, any motorcycles, and any ATV’s.

Children who are required by law to be in a properly installed and secured child seat based on age and size, and are in a vehicle with a ROPS, may be properly secured in the seat without a helmet.

Visitors are also reminded that a number of areas will be marked as No Parking in order to ensure vehicles can safely pass through the congestion in the area.

There are also some areas of the GRDA properties that are restricted, such as immediately below the dam & spillways.

Areas that are covered by Rip-Rap are also considered restricted areas, as well as areas marked by signs and barricades. DO NOT ENTER or attempt to drive in these areas.

Patrons shall not cross the zones which are barricaded and marked off, or they will be subject to trespassing.

While we welcome everyone to enjoy the beauty and fun of the off-road areas of GRDA, please ensure that you understand and adhere to the below regulations for the recreation area to ensure the safety and pleasure of everyone attending.

Visitors to the GRDA properties can contact us in the case of an emergency by calling 911.

GRDA Off-Road Trails Map

GRDA Off-Road Regulations

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