The excitement just continues to grow around the Grand Lake Extravaganza as prize winning tagged bass are being caught all over Grand Lake.

According to Tad Jones of the Grand Lake Association – “It has been amazing the number of tagged bass that have been caught in the first week and there have already been some great prizes given away”.

The first prize winning tagged bass was caught on the very first day of the event and was worth $5,000 and a night stay at Indigo Sky Casino to Tom Murphy, who was getting ready to fish in the FLW Rayovac tournament on Grand.

But the fun didn’t end their for Tom. He later caught another tagged bass for $50 worth of free play from Indigo Sky Casino.

Other winners from the first few days of the Grand Lake Extravaganza include:

  • Troy Gregg – also fishing the FLW Rayovac Tournament – caught a tagged bass worth $5,000 off a new 3/4 ton or 1 ton Chevy Truck from Bob Hart Chevrolet in Vinita.
  • Doug Johnson from Belle Plaine, KS, caught a tagged bass that won him a $100 gift certificate from Grand Lake Sport Center in Grove.
  • Bob Clark, from Broken Arrow, was fishing in the FLW Rayovac tournament and won a $100 Gift Certificate to the Artichoke in Langley with his tagged bass.
  • Gary Boyles, Mike Epperson and Clint Williams all won free play at Indigo Sky Casino with tagged bass that they caught.
  • Brian Pierce won $50 in cash.
  • Tara Holwick from Afton won a $50 gift certificate from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa.
  • Craig Anderson from Quinlon, Texas, won a one year subscription to the Grove Sun.
  • Mike Griffin from Miami, OK, won dinner for 6 at the Grove Rib Crib.
  • Josh Williams caught two tagged bass – one for a $100 gift certificate to Grand Lake Sport Center and one for a year membership to Tow Boat US.
  • Bass Federation National Championship Co-Angler Alan Hildebrandt of Faith, South Dakota, won a 2 night cabin stay at Tera Miranda resort with the very first bass he has ever caught at Grand Lake!

Not a bad start to the World’s Largest Tagged Bass Event.

Bob Hart Chevrolet Tagged Bass Prize

Troy Gregg, who caught a tagged bass, and Joe Regalado standing next to the Chevy from Bob Hart Chevrolet.

Sam Williams of Grand Lake Sport Center has been thrilled with the start of the event and happy to sponsor two tagged bass that have already been caught. One is even in his aquarium.

“This event has been amazing,” said Sam. “We have had people from all around the country in here registering for this event”.

The Grand Lake Extravaganza continue until May 18th and you must be registered, have a valid Oklahoma fishing license and be 18 years old to participate.

Find all the details at and to get registered.

“We are just getting started and there are still some big money and great prizes out there,” said Jones.




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