The rains have stopped, the lake has settled down and it’s Labor Day Weekend.

It could not be more perfect for the 2013 Great Grand Bobber Drop!

Originally scheduled for Saturday, August 10th, the high water and debris made it necessary to push this years event back to this coming Labor Day weekend, and the weather and lake couldn’t be more perfect for the 5th annual Bobber Drop event.

Now, we have not seen the new revised schedule for turning in the bobbers. We are guessing that everything is still the same as described here, except change the dates to this weekend.

2013 Great Grand Bobber Drop

No, it’s not Saturday August 10th…it’s THIS SATURDAY, August 31st!

What we do know for sure is that sometime around 8 am on Saturday, August 31st, approximately 6,000 bobbers will be dropped from the heavens into Grand Lake in the Grove area. More specifically, in and around:

  • Honey Creek
  • Horse Creek
  • Monkey Island
  • Sailboat Bridge
  • Elk River

Here is the other thing we know for sure…

With it being Labor Day weekend, there are likely to be a ton of people out for the Bobber Drop, so please be careful and respectful of others.

There are 6,000 bobbers being dropped, so there is no need to fight over them!

Anyway, everything on the flier at right is correct, except the date, but you already knew that.

We will be sure to pass on any updates we see about when and where to turn in your bobbers for prizes and to enter to win the Grand Prize trip to Florida.

In the mean time, make sure you PWC or Boats are gassed up, and we’ll see you out on the water on Saturday morning for the 2013 Great Grand Bobber Drop.

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