Grand Lake offers a bunch of different things for Moms to do as we celebrate Mothers Day 2013.

What are the best choices? Well, that depends on Mom and what she likes to do. But here are our Top 6 Mother Day activities for all you Grand Lake Moms!

We are counting down to #1….

6.  Take Mom out to a delicious meal at a fine Grand Lake restaurant!

5.  Take a beautiful spring drive around Grand Lake, visiting antique stores and stopping where ever Mom wants to stop.

4.  Enjoy a relaxing day on the deck or patio. The temperature is suppose to be in the 70’s…that’s perfect!

3.  Thinking about buying a new Grand Lake house? It will be a perfect day to check out some real estate at Grand Lake.

Grand Lake Summertime Boaters

Boating With The Family!

2.  Captain Obvious here…how about an awesome Grand Lake boat ride! The weather should be perfect for a Mothers Day cruise.

And, the #1 thing for Mom to do at Grand Lake on this Mothers Day…

Whatever the hell SHE WANTS TO DO!

Suck it up, fellas…let mom do what she wants on this fine day.


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