GRDA’s annual Rush For Brush workshops for 2015 are set for Saturday, April 25th at Wolf Creek Park in Grove and Saturday, June 6th at the GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center in Langley.

This annual workshop is open to anyone in the Grand Lake (and Lake Hudson) area who loves to fish and want to work on enhancing the fish habitat in Grand Lake and Lake Hudson.

When you participate in the GRDA Rush For Brush you will build fish habitats early in the day that you can then picked up at the end of the day (after concrete dries, etc) for you to place in your favorite – or soon to be favorite – honey hole.

You will be responsible for loading and transporting your completed fish habitat.

Pre-registration is required ( to ensure plenty of materials) and you can do that be contacting Jacklyn Jaggars at (918) 256-0723 or visiting this link:

Rush For Brush Fish Habitat Grand Lake OK

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