People from all over have already been winning great prizes in the 2014 Grand Lake Extravaganza, the world’s largest tagged bass event, going on at Grand Lake through May 18th.

And now, Indigo Sky Casino has added to the excitement by sponsoring another $100,000 chance to win.

On the very first day of the event, Tm Murphy, from Richland, Missouri, caught a Grand Prize winning tagged bass worth $5,000 from Indigo Sky Casino, plus a free night stay. Then he actually caught a 2nd tagged bass worth $50 in free play at Indigo Sky.

There are still great prizes available, including the $250,000 grand prize, and this added $100,000 prize just adds to the excitement.

But, remember, you absolutely must be registered before you catch a tagged bass. You can register at these Grand Lake bait and tackle shops or online at the official event website,

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Pictured areā€¦Scott Cox with GRDA, Brent and Kim Davis – Brent is Head of Fisheries with GRDA, Tom Murphy – who caught the $5,000 fish, Tad Jones, Melanie Chase – Marketing Director Indigo Sky Casino

You can also see all the official rules and what to do when you catch a tagged bass at the official website.

According to Tad Jones, Executive Director of the Grand Lake Association, there have been a couple of people who have caught tagged bass but they weren’t registered for the event.

Can you imagine…you might catch a fish worth $250,000 or $100,000 but you don’t get the prize because you weren’t registered! So, get registered, NOW!

The even better news is that the weather is warming up, the lake is starting to warm up, and the bass fishing has really picked up over the past few weeks.

So, register for the Grand Lake Extravaganza, check out the latest Grand Lake fishing report, and get that line in the water…who know what might be on the other end!

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