Hello Grand Lakers!

Well, the weather is finally warming up and so is the fishing. Every since I got home from Texas I have been very busy and that’s a good thing. Been doing more crappie fishing than usual, but been catching everything.

Speaking of crappie, the fishing has been awesome and now I’m going to let the cat out of the bag…I’ve been catching all my crappie on Lake Eucha. It’s been unreal the last couple of weeks in 50ft of water and catching them in about 25 ft. So, now you know.

But, the crappie are biting around Grand as well, just a little bit harder to find because the lake is so much bigger and takes a little longer to start warming up.

bass at Grand Lake

Starting to catch a few bass at Grand…haven’t seen any of those tagged ones, though…

Finally got out and caught some largemouth the other day. No monsters, but not bad, and all of our fish came on the A-rig and jerk baits.

The white bass are doing pretty good up the river. They are not really on the banks – well, the smaller ones are – but the bigger ones are out in the middle of the river.

For catfish, last time I talked to Jerry – by the way, did you see that article in the KC Star about catching blue cats at Grand – he was doing really good.

Spoonbill are in the Gray’s Ranch area.

Everything is behind because of the cold water, but this nice warm up should really crank things up.

Until next time, GOOD LUCK FISHING!


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