Here is the latest fishing report from Grand Lake, this one courtesy of Spoonbill expert Rusty Pritchard of Pritchard’s Guide Service:

Hey Folks!

These fronts that we have been getting here lately are crazy and really mess with the fishing, even the spoonbill fishing has been affected by these fronts.

I have been fishing for Spoonbill for the last 30 days straight and I have another 38 trips booked in a row and every day is a different day on the river. Some days the Spoonbill are really tight and other days they are really scattered and suspended way high in the water column.

We have been averaging anywhere between 10 and 20 spoonbill a day. All we need is some warm rain and it’s going to get crazy good!!

Grand Lake spoonbill fishing

Great memories are made getting on the spoonbill at Grand Lake…

I got a real treat here recently. I got the pleasure to take the founder and owner of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris, and his son John Paul Morris on a trip!

Heard some great stories and the fishing wasn’t bad either!! He brought some Johnny Morris signature series bass rods and caught spoonbill on them – Wow! That will be one of the most memorable trips of my lifetime!!

The catfish are up on the flats now. Took a guide trip for cats last Friday and we killed them up in 2-8 feet of water.

The action was fast and furious for most the morning. We were using cut shad and 5/0 double action Team Catfish hooks. I make a Carolina rig and put a float on the hook side to hold the bait off the bottom and that seemed to be the only way we could get a bite.

White bass are doing good up on the Spring River. We threw Pearl and Old Faithful 2″ Go-Go minnows and were reeling them real slow along the bottom. We caught several big sows that looked like they were ready to pop!! I was using 1/8 jig heads.

Won’t be long and the crappie will be hitting the banks. We continue with this warm weather and I’m guessing it will happen in the next few weeks. I can’t wait – one of my favorite times of the year!!

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