Grand Lake Fishing Report – Updated August 29th, from Rusty Pritchard

Hi folks!

Bow fishing is still going strong! I have been taking tons of trips over the last few weeks and we have been killing quite a few fish. The pattern is staying the same with them wanting to stay on gravel banks.

The catfishing is really good right now! Fish are out in 20-30 feet of water. We’ve been catching them drifting cut bait. Look for big schools of shad that are busted up on your locator close to the bottom on flats. I drift a Carolina rig with a 5/0 double action hook made by Team Catfish. The Shangri La area has been good for me! The bite is going to get better and better as the water cools off!

The whitebass are still in their summer pattern. Sweet water and the Governors Island areas have still been producing in the evening times. I’m still throwing the Go Go minnows and the Bendable Minnows! Won’t be long and we will be in the call pattern and the windy points will be on fire!!

We are getting closer and closer to spoonbill time again!! I start looking for them around October around the Sailboat Bridge area!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming cool down of fall! The fishing is really getting ready to bust open!!

If your looking for a guided trip give me call at 918-964-0174 or checkout my website . Also if your on Facebook come find me under Rusty Pritchard and keep up with me day to day!!

Boat Fishing at Grand Lake OK

Nothing better than a day of fishing out on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake!


Updated August 8th – Grand Lake Fishing Report from Rusty Pritchard

Hi folks!

It’s been a really busy month for me!! I’ve been running bowfishing trips every night and the fishing has been good! Clients have been shooting at a ton of fish!

The buffalo are up really good at night right now on main lake gravel banks.

With the water temps rising the fishing is getting hotter too!!

I ran a white bass trip last Wednesday and we did really good! We saw several schools coming up around Sweet Water and behind Governors Island about 8pm.

We started off fishing the deep water at Sweet Water with 1 ounce bendable minnows. I was fishing water 25-30 feet deep and jigging right on bottom. Clients picked up some really nice size whitebass!

When the schools came up we threw 2″ Go Go minnows on them and they were hitting really hard!

I’m hearing super reports on Blue cat fishing right now. I haven’t had time to go after them but the ones catching them are drifting cut shad in 15-25 feet of water. Some good areas to hit would be the Shangri La area and around Patricia Island.  Just tie you on a Carolina Rig and a 5/0 Double Action hook and get out there and drag some bait!

I’ve also heard some great reports on crappie around the lake. Most are catching them around the docks. Got to wade through a lot of little ones to get a keeper as usual but it’s been good fishing!

If your looking for a guided trip on Grand Lake give me a call at 918-964-0174 or check out my website

Also if your on Facebook give me a friend request under Rusty Pritchard and watch my trips everyday!!

Rusty Pritchard white bass

Another successful white bass trip with Rusty Pritchard at Grand Lake.


We’re going to try a new format for the Grand Lake fishing reports, and group them by month so that you can read the most recent fishing reports without jumping around on your phone or computer.

That should make it easier for all of you trying to get the latest info before hitting the water.

And, yes, we are getting an early start, with the first August fishing report coming July 28th, courtesy of Tony Coatney.

July 28th Fishing Report from Tony Coatney –

Hello Grand Lakers!

The fishing has been good and the weather has been HOT, which is a good thing for fishing!

The hot weather bunches the fish up more, and when you find them they are really stacked up.

I have been doing a lot of guide trips and doing really good…the evening bite has been best for me. Also, the Big Bass Challenge that they just had went very good with a bunch of good fish caught and ALOT of money paid out.

What bass fishing Oklahoma

Been slaying the whites at Grand Lake, especially during the evening.

On to the fishing at Grand Lake:

Large mouth – they have slowed down a bunch. The best bet has been around boat docks, throwing a big worm has been best for me.

White bass – the evening bite has been really good for me using that silver rainbow minnow spoon.

Crappie –  has been ok around deep brush.

Catfish – haven’t heard much but been catching a lot while spooning for whites.

And the spoonbill are still jumping.

I’ve also booked some more Falcon Lake trips for this winter but still have some openings, but you better hurry.

Until Next Time…Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney (918) 964-0049.

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