Here is the last fishing report of 2014 for Oklahoma’s Grand Lake.

Once again, this week’s report is courtesy of Rusty Pritchard, who is your go to guide for spoonbill fishing at Grand Lake. Here’s Rusty:

Hey Folks,

We’ve had some really great guide trips here the last few days! I even got to take Santa and Mrs. Clause fishing ¬†on Christmas Eve!

Spoonbill have been up and down the last week. One day we catch 4-5 and the next day we might catch 15!

Oklahoma paddlefish

Grand Lake is second to none for these monster paddlefish!

With this extreme cold weather coming in this week I believe the spoonbill fishing is going to get really good and consistent!

When the water temps dip into the 30’s the spoonbill will get tighter and tighter together in the main lake channel, and when you find the schools they will be huge schools!

Right now one day they are schooled tight and the next day they are in little schools of 3’s and 4’s.

I’m trolling 3 pounds of weight with Spoonbill King 10/0 treble hooks and using 8′ extra heavy Catfish Warrior rods. The Greys Ranch area is the main area I have been catching most of my spoonbill.

Took a special trip Christmas Eve with the one and only Santa Clause and his lovely wife Mrs. Clause!! We did really well!

We landed 6 fish over 10 pounds and numerous eaters! They took 3 gallons of meat back home to the North Pole!

I was using cut shad on 8/0 Double Action hooks on Carolina Rigs. We were fishing on the edges of the main river channel on the north end of the lake.

Just scan around the edge of the channel until you see busted up schools of shad and then anchor out on them! Those busted up schools are more than likely being chased by bluecats!

I’ve heard some good reports of crappie being caught around the docks in 10-15′ of water.

I haven’t been out for white bass in awhile but I would concentrate on around the Spring River north of Twin Bridges! This is a great time of year to find those big sows up there staging in the river!! I’d throw a 2″ Go Go minnow on 1/4 ounce heads!

If your looking for a guided trip give me a call at 918-964-0174 and also checkout my website at .

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