Here is the latest fishing report, this one courtesy of local guide Tony Coatney, for Grand Lake for the July 4th week and weekend.

Yes, even with all the crazy boaters out there it’s still good fishing at Grand Lake!

Take it away, Tony:

Hello Grand Lakers,

It’s been a good couple of days with the weather being good and catching fish.

A lot of people already showing up for the July 4th week…yes that’s what I am calling it. a bunch of people are  taking all week off and spending it at the lake, and so far the weather couldn’t be much better.

Tony Coatney White Bass Fishing

Tony Coatney has been showing people all kinds of great white bass fishing on Grand Lake lately…

Large mouth – if you catch them generating at the dam and pulling some water then the large mouth have really been good. I am throwing the hard head with a biffle bug, and the big worm, working best for me to go deep.

White bass in the morning are finally getting real good. It’s not just the evenings anymore.

Crappie – you can catch a lot of fish but it’s hard to catch keepers right now. Still fun to catch them.

Catfish are in the rocks. The noodlers should be having a blast right now!

And the spoonbill are jumping, so look out.

Remember you can call me for a guide trip anytime at (918) 964-0049 and I am booking trips right now to Falcon Lake in Texas this winter.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney…

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