It’s been a while since we’ve added a fishing report here on the Grand Lake Living website…mostly because the good fishing guides haven’t been sending any our way.

Luckily our friend Lance Lutke from Lance’s Guide Service has come through with a new fishing report just for you.

Take it away Lance:

What an unusually warm Fall we are having here at Grand Lake!  Well, the water temps are finally getting into the lower 60’s and fishing is picking back up.

The white bass were really good this weekend (Nov 12 and 13) on slabs and flies at 12-22 ft deep fishing on and around rock piles. We were using chartreuse and white slabs and a variety of fly colors.

Saturday, the fish wanted it jigged fast vertically and also a cast out and retrieve bumping the bottom.

Sunday, the fish wanted the deadstick method.  Drop the slab/fly combo to the bottom and hold it still.  If you fill a slight bump or tick, set the hook!

I believe the difference in bites can be attributed to the difference in water color.

Fall fishing at Grand Lake OK

Sunday morning our water temp was down to 60.3 and we had a bubbly scum on the top of the water along with much more stained water.

It looks like we may be experiencing the final,(fingers crossed), turnover for the year.

I’ve been mad at the blue catfish for over a month but it is starting to get a little better this week.

We finally found a nice group of catfish with only about an hour left to fish and put some good ones in the boat.

We were drifting cut bait at .6 mph in 18-24 ft of water.

The fish look really healthy and I’m encouraged to see the good sized school.  They have been extremely spread out and suspended way to long.  The cooler the water gets, the better it will get.

Our group from Arkansas wanted to hit some spoonbill while they were experiencing Grand Lake and the snagging was really good.

We troll jerked a good portion of the time and they had a ball.

We mark them on the Lowrance, drop a one pound weight down, put the boat in gear and jerk as we move along at idle speed.  Sure is fun to watch guys hit one for their first time.

Overall, the fishing is picking up and things should be much better in the next couple of weeks!!!

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Enjoy the fishing!

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