Rusty Pritchard is back with his latest Grand Lake Fishing Report.

Rusty stays busy slaying the spoonbill this time of year, and if you are looking to get into them…there is still a little time…but you better get busy and get in touch with him (his details are below) soon if you want his help.

Anyway, here is a Grand Lake Fishing Report from Rusty:

Hey folks!!

What a spoonbill season it has been!

We’ve put just over 1,300 spoonbill in the boat since Thanksgiving!!

We still have about 3-4 weeks left of good fishing so who knows how high this number goes before it’s over.

I’ve been doing most of my fishing on Gibson Lake the last two months but you can still get into them up in the rivers at Grand as well.

I got the pleasure of taking out Melissa Bachman – the host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion on the Sportsman Channel. You can find Melissa online at her website.¬†She’s a true Outdoors Woman!

We boated 40 bills on Saturday on Gibson and on Sunday we traveled back to Grand Lake.

We ran all the way up to I-44 Bridge on neosho side and the fish were stacked up right at the bridge.

Catfishing is excellent up in the shallow water right now. The Greys Ranch area would be a great place to look for bluecat.

I would find wind blowing into a bank and throw cut shad on 5/0 Double Action Team Catfish hooks right up into the shallow water!

This is my favorite time to catch cats!! Can’t beat the shallow water bite!!

Haven’t heard too much on the white bass right now. The Neosho was super dirty Sunday and I’m sure it would be a tough bite up there right now. It won’t be long until they will start showing up in the Elk River arm.

Big black male crappie have been reported being caught on the banks right at dark. I would get some Crappie Kicker jigs and find some brush located close to shore and load up!

If your looking for a guided trip give me a call at 918-964-0174 and also checkout my website at If you Facebook look me up under Rusty Pritchard and follow my trips everyday!

Melissa Bachman paddlefish in Oklahoma

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