Tony Coatney is back with a new Grand Lake fishing report for you.

Take it away, Tony…

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well the kids are back to school and usually when that happens my business is typically no business for a week or two but not this year.

At least 3 or 4 trips this week is unreal – I have never booked anything like that the weak school starts.

But have had some good trips this week, so that’s awesome!

This year has been a different year – it’s been very good even with of all the floods and rain.

But thank you everyone for your business, it’s been a great year and it’s still going strong, plus I still have some openings so give me a call and lets go fishing.

Large mouth – well the weather has cooled off and the shad are moving to the back of the coves, so try docks, and some flats where they are chasing shad.

White bass – well its cooled down and the water temperature dropped 10 deg so the whites moved also. Try the windy banks, with the fire cracker minnow. Go to Littlefield’s Sports, they know what it is, and get that Lews reel and rod.

Crappie- I did catch some while white bass fishing shallow on the fire cracker.

Catfish – jugs working best.

The spoonbill are not jumping as much as they were, but still be careful.

Also still have some openings for Falcon Lake, Texas this winter, so give me a call.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!


White bass fishing at Grand Lake in August

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