It’s almost September and the fishing at Grand Lake is still great!

And back with another Grand Lake fishing report is local guide Tony Coatney.

Take it away Tony…

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well what a week – great weather and the water temps have dropped but the fishing is still hot!

Took out Rick Wood and his daughter Olivia Wood and had a good day fishing with them both.

Make sure to go by the Wood Shed on Monkey Island and check out the picture above the fountain drinks.

Rick had that put up and it’s a picture of me fishing – love it and go check it out!

Also, all of the championships are getting ready to start next month so get ready. There will be lots of fisherman on the lake so all the stores and hotels will be extra busy soon!

Large mouth – better try a buzzbait, big worm and Carolina rig not my favorite but its working.

Sand bass – moved to the banks but then they moved back to the deeper humps again. Try the silver rainbow minnow at Littlefields Sports.

Crappie – caught some this last week in deep brush piles.

Catfish – haven’t heard much but get ready going to show some big ones soon.

Spoonbill are still jumping.

Also booked some more trips to Falcon last week and I’m starting to fill up. They are catching a lot of fish and some good ones water is up this going to be good winter!

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!

Sand Bass at Grand Lake OK

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