Here is the latest Grand Lake, Oklahoma fishing report as we move into August.

Here is local fishing guide Tony Coatney…take it away, Tony:

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well, guess what? It’s still hot and the fishing is still hot also!

This is a crazy year – usually once school starts my business for about 2 weeks goes to zero. But not this year.

I have trips booked almost until Labor Day, no complaints here – I love it…ride it as long as it lasts!

I have been getting a lot of guide trips because of the 2016 Bass Masters Classic coming up next March, so that means I am already making money off it and so are a bunch of other folks like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. So don’t think its just during the classic – people are already making money off the classic and it should be a good one.

On to the fishing…

Large mouth – deeper water 8 to 15 ft try a big worm look for the big gizzard shad also try swim bait.

White bass have been really good. Mornings have been slow but evenings have been unreal. Schooling everywhere. Use a silver rainbow minnow from Littlefields Sports.

Crappie hearing boat docks have been best.

Catfish catching a lot on spoons try jugs.

And yep, the spoonbill are still jumping everywhere.

Don’t forget I am also booking my Falcon Lake Texas winter trips. The lake is almost full – it should be great the winter.

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney! 918-964-0049

Evening white bass action on Grand Lake

Pictured above: Lori Lillard Kelly with a sample of the evening white bass action on Grand Lake

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