This Grand Lake fishing report is courtesy of Lance Lutke with Lance’s Guide Service – here’s Lance:

It sure has been a mild winter and the fish are beginning their Spring patterns.  I saw water temps all the way up to the 60’s on the north end and high 50’s main lake.

Blue catfish are getting spread out and taking some time to locate.

We are finding fish at all different water depths depending on the bait locations.  We’ve literally caught fish in depths of 2-90ft the past two weeks.

Find the bait and use your electronics to find the feeding fish.

Blue catfish Grand Lake Ok Feb 2017

We’re using 8/0 Double Action hooks from Team Catfish using a 50 pound mono leader, swivel, sinker slide and bumper with a 3 oz sinker on our 65 pound braid. We’re also using a 3″ slotted bobber to get baits off the bottom.

Some days, they want small baits, other days big baits.  We put an assortment out until the fish tell us what they want.

Crappie have been good in docks and a few pieces of brush.

We haven’t seen them make a big move yet towards pre-spawning areas, but they should be doing that any day now with our warm temps.

We’ve been using both Crappie Kickers and Lead Free Jigs from Fle-Fly. The colors and sizes the fish have wanted seem to be changing on the hour. We’ve been running two jigs on dropper loops and finding out the depths and colors they want.

If the bite slows down, change colors and/or depths. Remember, crappie love the shade.

White Bass are staging in the creeks and rivers.  It’s time to get the GoGo Minnows out there on 1/8 ounce jig heads.  Find them on your electronics and vary retrieves until they tell you want they want.  I’ll run two in different colors/sizes most of the time.

Spoonbill / Paddlefish are making a migration towards the rivers.  Some are already up and they’re scattered all the way down past Shangri-La.  If we get a good rain look for them to make a major push up to the rivers.

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Oklahoma spoonbill Feb 2017


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