Alright…it’s been a cold start to 2015, but warmer weather is on the way and here is the first Grand Lake fishing report for 2015, this one courtesy of Rusty Pritchard. Thanks Rusty!

Hey folks!

The spoonbill action continues to be awesome!! We’ve boated more 60+ pound fish this year than any other year I can remember! I’ve had some really great trips the last couple weeks!

The fish I’m keying on are in the Grey’s Ranch area.

January spoonbill fishing Grand Lake

Another fat Grand Lake spoonbill!

There is a big school of fish there that have been producing some great size fish all winter long. It’s a hunting game everyday and if you have good electronics you can find these schools of big spoonies!!

I’m still trolling 3 pounds of weight and letting the boat do all the work! I’m running 80lbs braid line, Catfish Warrior 8′ extra heavy rod, Penn Squawl reels, and running 10/0 Spoonbill King barbless hooks.

I got the pleasure of having Kelly Bostian of the Tulsa World out Saturday and he is doing a great article on wintertime spoonbill fishing in the upcoming Sunday Tulsa World! Keep an eye for that one!!

Catfishing is fixing to come to a screeching halt pretty quick.

I’ve been seeing evidence of the shad kill starting on the north end of the lake.

I’ve been seeing a tons of gulls diving and picking up shad that are going into thermal shock.

What happens is whenever the water temps start dropping below 40 degrees the shad start going into the thermal shock and start die.

After a few days there will be so many dead shad the catfish will gorge on shad and it makes it extremely hard to get them to bite!

The south end of the lake may be a little warmer and you may have a few more days before this process begins there.

Haven’t heard much on white bass or crappie here lately. I’m sure both could probably be caught up Spring River if it’s not froze up there.

If your looking for a guided trip for some spoonbill action, give me a call at 918-964-0174 and checkout my website at

Also if your worried about the cold temps out, I have a full enclosed cockpit on my boat and a heater!! It get so warm in there it will run you out!! I haven’t even worn a coat all winter on the boat!!

Come check it out!!


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