Well, it’s been a while since anyone has sent in a fishing report – but we’ve got one.

Here’s a mid-summer report from Grand Lake guide Rusty Pritchard. Take it away, Rusty…

Hey folks!!

Well the bowfishing is on fire!

We’ve boated some of the biggest buffalo we’ve ever landed since I’ve been guiding the past two weeks.

We are running a pretty good pattern right now on them and if the wind cooperates we’ve been killing 20-60 a night.

We have been running trips every night and we haven’t had a bad trip yet!

We furnish all equipment for our trips and experience is not needed. It’s fun for the whole family!

White bass fishing has really picked up as they have transitioned into their summer patterns.

White bass fishing at Grand Lake

The best times to fish has been in the evenings.

They have been surfacing really well around the Honey Creek Bridge, Governors Island, Sweet Water, and Patricia Island areas about an hour before dark.

You can throw 2 1/2″ Go Go Minnows on 1/4 ounce heads and smash them when they are surfacing!

We are also using our locators and finding them out on the humps and points.

Crappie are still on. We ran a trip last night and caught them around lighted boat docks throwing the 2 1/2″ chartreuse Go Go.

They are still hanging around brush piles in that 10′-15′ range during the day.

If your looking for a guided trip give me a call/text me at 918-964-0174. My open dates are very limited right now for July. The action is HOT!!!

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