Here is the latest Grand Lake fishing report, courtesy of local guide Tony Coatney:

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well the 4th of July is finally over and I glad for that, but I am happy for all the local businesses they really needed a great holiday weekend.

I really don’t ever remember a 4th like this one where there were people from everywhere.

I’m hearing a lot of people from Lake of the Ozarks came our way because of flooding and also from other lakes all over Oklahoma.

We were in better shape then most but holiday weekends aren’t my favorite because of the boat traffic. Grand Lake bass fishing in July

It really messes up the fishing but I deal with it because it helps all the local business, and yes, I was busy all weekend but the fishing was slow.

It was a full moon and the fish where doing better in the middle o day, but as a guide service I can’t take people out in the middle of the day during a holiday weekend because it is to dangerous – you can’t hardly fish from the boat traffic.

But the next few days should get really good, they are moving out in the main lake and starting to school.

Large mouth have been good on points but if they are not pulling water they scatter out more and are not bunched up on points. Try the willows if they are not on the points, big worm or jig and a crankbait.

White bass – mornings have been really slow and the middle of the day has been really good.

Crappie been catching some in deep brush piles.

Catfish – use jugs but I have some friends doing really good noddling .

And the spoonbill are still jumping everywhere.

Also the picture I added is long time friend Lori Lillard Kelly. I don’t tell her this but she can fish pretty good.

I still have some openings to Falcon Lake – its getting near normal so the fishing should be really good this winter.

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney.

918-964-0049 or Grand Fishing with Tony Coatney

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