The latest fishing report from Tony Coatney…take it away Tony:

Hello Grand Lakers –

Well we did get more rain and a lot more water, hoping they get the water back down to normal by the 4th.

I know they are doing all they can with the water because down lake is a lot worse off then us.

But a lot of local businesses are really hurting from all the high water keeping people away. A lot of businesses rely on the summer months to make it all year.

A lot of people always make the comments that they will make it up…but you never do – once you loose out, there are not enough days in the summer to make it up.

I have been in business for 20 years here on the lake and you never make it up you just loose out and that’s why I go south for the winter time to make it, so please help out your local Grand Lake businesses as much as you can.

Now for the fishing: Bass fishing at Grand Lake June 2015

Large mouth has been really good. The picture I have added is with Jeff Campbell when we had our best five fish at 22 lbs and had 36 fish for the day.

That’s a good day anywhere and we only fished until noon.

We caught them on jigs on the Elk River. T.C. Grand special – it does work on Grand Lake, on points where the big gizzard shad have been.

White bass have been really good in Elk River area using silver rainbow minnow from Littlefield’s tackle.

Crappie been catching some around the bridges on jigs – Bobby Garland.

Catfish – jugs are the best

And, the spoonbill are jumping everywhere so be careful.

I’ve also been doing some filming with on Facebook and YouTube.

been a lot of fun so check it out.

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!

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