Spring fishing is about to break wide open with the warm weather we are having!

And to tell you all about is Lance Lutke from Lance’s Guide Service. Call Lance at (918) 607-7357 and book a trip to get in on some of the great Grand Lake fishing action.

Here’s Lance:


Fish are stretched out from the main lake all the way up our rivers right now in preparation to spawn.

White bass at Grand Lake March 17

Our water temps are in the low to high 50’s, almost right for them to begin spawning.

We use a jig head and GoGo Minnows or Crappie Kickers from FLE FLY Fishing Tackle when targeting white bass during the spawn.

You’ll need to have a mixture of colors and sizes to figure out what they are wanting. Some days they’ll be on the creek and river banks, other days they’ll be roaming in the middle.

One pattern on a tough day we used when boat traffic got high and the fish were finicky was fishing the mud edge.

Boat wakes were creating a mud line just out from the bank and the white bass were hanging right at the edge of the mud line. Vary your retrieve and let the fish tell you what they want. We usually throw two lures tied on a dropper loop.


Fish are spread out at all depths right now just like our bait is.

Blue Catfish Grand Lake March 2017

We have began catching them on shallow points and flats when the wind is high.

We have been catching fish 1.5 feet deep and 40 feet deep in the same day.

Deep channel edges around broken up bait is also another pattern that has been working well.

Anchor fishing using fresh shad has been working best. We use a float rig with a 3 ounce weight and 8/0 Double Action hook from Team Catfish Tackle.


They are migrating and feeding heavily on shad schools in preparation for the spawn, which is just around the corner.

But the pattern has been changing day to day, one day we will catch fish up on the bank in 2 to 4 feet of water, and the next day catch them schooled up suspended over 30 to 40 feet of water.

Casting out FLE FLY Fishing Tackle GoGo Minnows in the middle of coves or ledges around bait has worked well, as well as vertical jigging the same fish with the Crappie Kickers.

We are using our Lowrance electronics to target shad schools with crappie hanging out behind them feeding.

You can also target docks and brush to catch a few using Crappie Kickers or hair jigs.

Don’t be afraid to step up the size of your baits this time of year. This weekend, a 3″ Buster Brown Crappie Kicker was by far the best bait for crappie and white bass.


They aare making their yearly migration towards and into the rivers to spawn.

If we get flow that will really increase their migration with our warm water temps. We’ve caught them this week best in 15-35ft of water.

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Spoonbill Grand Lake March 2017

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