Here is the latest fishing report for Grand Lake from local guide Tony Coatney:

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well the fishing has been red hot but it is changing now that the spawns are almost over.

That means it is post spawn time and some of my favorite fishing is post spawn. They don’t change as much during post spawn – during the spawn they are there one day and gone the next.

Talking about large mouth, they are pretty much about done, some post spawn fish showing up. Try shaky head and hard head.

Crappie are pretty much done also, they should be moving to the deeper water around brush piles.

White bass they are doing there second spawn- not all the whites run up the river to spawn – this is the lake whites spawning now.

They moved to the mouth of the creeks like Elk River, Horse Creek, Honey Creek – try 12 feet humps with the silver rainbow minnow, best way to catch them.

Catfish should be getting ready to head to the holes to spawn.

The spoonbill should be about done.

Also the Grand Challenge was last weekend. I think 565 boats – what a turn out!

Every hotel was full, gas stations sold gas, drinks, and food like crazy. Let me tell you, these fishing tournaments bring a lot of money to the area.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney.

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