Here is the latest fishing report – for November 4th 2015 – from Grand Lake fishing guide Rusty Pritchard.

Take it away, Rusty!

Hey folks!

We’ve had some really great white bass trips this past week – the key is getting on the windy points and banks!

We’ve been using 2″ Go Go Minnows on 1/8th ounce heads.

We’ve boated some of the biggest white bass I’ve ever caught this year – gotta love the fall bite!

We’ve also caught some really nice Bluecat this past week.

We’ve been finding them in 12-37′ feet of water.

I’ve been using cut shad on a Carolina rig on anchor. Drift fishing has also been good on some windy days!

I’ve heard reports of spoonbill being caught up around Grey’s Ranch, but we are going to wait to start up on spoonbill the week of thanksgiving!

The deer rut is really starting to heat up! Starting to see the big bucks up and on their feet during the daylight hours! With the cooler weather returning next week it ought to be on fire!!

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Blue Cat fishing at Grand Lake OK in November

Grand Lake OK November blue catfish


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