Back again is Tony Coatney with a Grand Lake fishing report for October 11, 2015.

Take it away, Tony…

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well what a week here on Grand Lake!

I did read an article that bashed all the fishing boats on Grand Lake and it said the fisherman don’t bring any money to the lake.

I’d like to know where that info is from myself – a few years back someone did a study on how much fishing brings to the local businesses.

I do remember that the hotels in the Grand Lake area get like 85 percent of there business from fishing which I know if you take that away from the hotels they are out of business.

And on gas and food the average fisherman spends an average of $500 to $600 a weekend – that’s gas, hotel and food.

Also talk to anyone on Littlefield’s Corner and they will tell you that’s what keeps them in business.

The Woodshed during tournament season it’s their number one store. Just get up on a weekend and go and try to get in the parking lot at the Woodshed between 4.30 am and 6 am. They run more than most stores run all day.

And Judy Harris at The RoadHog – they always have fishermen in eating on Friday and Saturday nights.

And yes I will say if the business doesn’t open before 8 am you will miss the business because these fishermen are already on the water fishing.

Some businesses don’t get much from it but others would not be in business with out it.

I have been here for 20 years guiding on the lake and I don’t make my living off of tournament fisherman but without them there wouldn’t be many businesses here – just putting out the real facts. Not everyone makes money off them but a lot can’t make it without them.

A lot of my customers are not big fishermen but we still have to have them here, I did watch The Bassmasters this weekend let me tell you we couldn’t afford that much press that Grand Lake is getting.

So next time you see some fishermen tell them Thanks for coming to Grand Lake!

Large mouth has been very tough but it’s always that way until the water cools.

White bass have been unreal as long as you have wind – it doesn’t matter which way its coming from just get those firecrackers from Littlefield’s Sports – I make my living on them.

Crappie starting to catch some in deep brush piles.

Catfish I heard drift fishing has been really good.

Spoonbill should be grouping up

Also booking trips to Falcon Lake this winter – the water is up and they are catching 75 to 100 fish a day so it should be really good this year.

Until next time, Good Luck fishing from Tony Coatney! 918-964-0049

Picture Below: Evette Berandi-Cox and Father Mike Berandi from Stroudsburg PA and Scott Cox

Scott Cox Grand Lake white bass

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