Here is Rusty Pritchard with the latest Grand Lake fishing report.

Take it away, Rusty…

Hey folks!

Well the white bass and hybrids continue to be great on them windy days.

We have been hitting windy points and have been getting into some really nice fish!

We’ve had our best luck on chartreuse Go Go Minnows on 1/8th ounce heads. But the key to the bite is WIND!! No wind no fish!!

The cat bite has been good. We got into some really nice fish the other day anchored out in 12′ of water.

We had 4 go between 16-23 pounds. We were using cut bait.

I’ve been marking a lot of cats out in that 30-40′ range also. Look for the shad and the cats aren’t far behind!

Crappie are still going good but scattered out more than they have been.

We have caught them in brush 10′ deep and we’ve also caught them up in 2′ of water on the banks!

With the weather turning cooler should make the bite even better!

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