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Hey folks!

I believe we are in between the summer and fall bite right now.

We went out Monday and hammered the white bass on windy points in the mid lake area! We were throwing 2″ Go Go Minnows up in 2′ of water…look for diving birds out there!

Seems like cloudy days are the best days right now – In the evenings they are still surfacing really well in a lot of places.

Catfish are starting to bite really well most days!

20-40′ of water seems to be the magic depth mid lake. I’m drifting cut shad on a 5/0 Double Action hook on a Carolina Rig.

Try to not drift much over .05 if possible. I use a large drift sock to slow me down.

Look for them on your locator and if they are on the bottom and there are shad around I’ll about guarantee you’ll catch em’!!!

I caught a bunch of crappie yesterday!

I had to wade through a bunch of small ones to get a keeper but it sure was fun!

I probably boated 60-70 crappie pitching into one dock! They were down around 10′ deep.

I would position my boat just outside the slip and pitch my lure back into the slip and let it swing back towards the boat.

Bowfishing is still great! They are holding the lake level close to that 743′ mark and it’s keeping the fish up shallow and easy pickings – Water is clearing up really well!!

Spoonbill fishing time is right around the corner!!

I’ll start cranking trips up around end of November and run through about May!

You have a better chance at true monster in the winter months!!

All of my jumbo sized fish have came during the time from December to February.

If your wanting to book a guide trip give me a call at (918) 964-0174 or checkout my website

We do have gift certificates for those hard to buy for birthdays and it’s never too early to think about Christmas!!

September white bass fishing at Grand Lake


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