September 28 Grand Lake fishing report from Tony Coatney…
Hello Grand Lakers!
The water still needs to cool down a bit.. .they had the BFL Super Tournament last weekend and it didn’t take very much to make the cut or win it.
Not cutting the guys at all they are great fishermen, its just tough this time of year. Probably the hardest time of year to fish Grand Lake because the fish don’t know what to do – they think its time for the fall bite but it keeps warming back up and fish don’t know what to do – stay deep or go shallow so it always makes it tough fishing.

Large mouth – like I said they don’t know what to do stay deep or go shallow.

White bass are the same way – this weekend they were back on spoons, deep on humps.

Crappie they don’t have a clue what to do either – should be in deep brush piles.

Catfish – try jugs.

Also had some guys from Minnesota last week because of the Bass Masters Classic.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney.

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