Here is the latest Grand Lake fishing report, this one courtesy of Tony Coatney. Contact Tony for a guide trip today at (918) 964-0049.

Hey There Grand Lakers!

The weather this last week has been unreal, finally warming up and I’m loving the warm weather. And the fish are loving it also.

I’ve seen some crazy springs but this one takes the cake. I hope the fishing is finally getting better now.

Large mouth have been on the beds and off the beds, like changing every day. It’s crazy. One day you will catch them and the next day nothing. But, it should be getting better with the warmer weather.

white bass Grand Lake Ok

The white bass fishing is great on Grand Lake right now. Photo courtesy of Tony Coatney

White bass are about as good as it can get the last couple of weeks. I’ve been catching them like crazy.

It’s been a weird year for crappie. Here is my view…the spawn is over. I can go out and catch 30 plus and have only 4 keepers. That’s when I’m done with them, at least for guiding.

Catfish – get the jugs out! Everyone I’ve talked to is catching them like crazy. If you want a lot of fish, get the jugs out because that’s the best way to catch them.

Haven’t really heard anything on spoonbill, but time is running out and we never did get a real good rain. And, I haven’t seen any jumping yet either.

That’s all for now. Until next time…GOOD LUCK FISHING – TONY COATNEY


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