Here at Grand Lake, November can be a great fishing month or mother nature can make it pretty tough.

The weather so far this fall has been really good, and so has the fishing.

Now that we are into November, we’ve had our first hard freeze and patterns will start to change a little bit as they do every year.

But the great news about fall fishing at Grand Lake is all of the other noise on the water is mostly gone. No more jet skis, not as many big cruisers and such…just us and the fish.

With that, check out the most recent fishing reports for Grand Lake.

November 1st Fishing Report

The November 1st update is courtesy of Rusty Pritchard of Pritchard Guide Service. Here’s Rusty:

Hey folks,

Been awhile since my last post. I’ve been chasing them whitetails and doing fishing trips.

It’s been a great deer season so far! Using power corn made by Nutra Deer has put the luck in my favor!

But your here for the fishing!

Rusty Pritchard doing his thing at Grand Lake!

Rusty Pritchard doing his thing at Grand Lake!

Catfish have been what we have been targeting the most lately. I’ve been drift fishing the Honey Creek area and have been doing really good!

I’ve been drifting cut shad on Carolina Rigs. Magic depth has been 35-45 feet of water.

Crappie have been biting well also. I have been throwing 1″ Go Go Minnows in Pearl color. The crappie have been in brush piles in 10-15 feet of water.

White bass having been biting well in the Spring River and windy points all along the lake! Got to have the wind though! Troll 2″ Go Go Minnows and go as shallow as you feel safe to troll!

Spoonbill are starting to make their trek to the wintering holes! I’ve seen several on the graph around the Sailboat Bridge area! Won’t be long now! Give me a call and setup your spoonbill trip!

If your looking for a guided trip, give me a call at 918-964-0174 or checkout my website at


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