October 6th Update from Tony Coatney –

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well, had a pretty good week. We got some rain and business was good – there were a lot of fisherman in town all week with the Ozark Mountain Trail.

I took a good friend out – Brent Lego – and we were on some good fish, that’s why I didn’t give many reports this last week! He had 15 pounds the first day and the second day had 13 pounds and finished 2nd.

Not bad since some of the fish we were catching changed but that’s what’s nice about taking a good fisherman – he adjusted well – so great job, Brent.

They where throwing jigs and chatter baits.

White bass are really good just find the wind and throw that firecracker grub it works.

Crappie been catching some good ones, near the banks about 6 foot of water near brush.

Haven’t heard too much on catfish but what I am hearing is that they are biting.

Seen a bunch of spoonbill lately too.

Still have some openings to Falcon Lake and Sugar Lake this winter.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!


October 2nd Update from Tony Coatney –

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well, the fish are doing their fall bit, at least the white bass are, and they have been biting really good!

All you need is a little wind that pushes the shad back to the banks and the white bass feed on them.

Also catching a lot of crappie on the bank and in the deeper brush piles, but doing better myself in 6′ to 8′ near brush.

Large mouth really have me stumped! It’s been a tough year for me, don’t know what it is.

The clear water and zebra mussels I guess, and let me tell you these zebra mussels there is nothing good about them at all!

Everyone that owns a dock or boat in the water you better keep checking in on this, the zebra mussels destroy everything.

The only thing they are good for is clearing up the water, but the murky water is what makes Grand Lake such a great fishery!

We will see what happens, don’t think we will like it, and remember most of the businesses around Grand Lake live off the fishing tournaments and business.

Take them away and it will take a lot of business also, so we need to protect our fishery.

I still have a few openings for Falcon lake Texas and Sugar Lake Mexico, so let me know at (918) 964-0049.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!


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