Here is this weeks fishing report, once again courtesy of Tony Coatney!

Hello Grand Lakers!

Well it has warmed up again after cooling off again.

All the changes in temperatures does is mess up my fishing. Everyone keeps calling me and saying why aren’t the fish doing this and that – well, it’s all because of water temperatures.

People don’t understand it doesn’t matter that you do, it is all about the water temperature this time of year.

It was just getting right then the cool weather hit last week and the water temp dropped back into the 70s and messed them all up.

Grand Lake Ok White Bass

Another successful July fishing trip for White Bass at Grand Lake

Now it’s warmed back up and the water is heading back to the mid 80s which is where it needs to be before they start schooling.

So every one that liked this cool weather you go ahead and stay in your offices and your AC, because we have fish to catch!

I’m glad we are back into the upper 90s and 100s because now we can really start ripping lips!

Alright, I’m off my soapbox.

Large mouth – They caught them pretty good in the Big Bass Bash. It is a great tournament for this time of year with great payouts and a lot of good fish deep.

White bass – Really getting good again with the water warming back up.

Crappie – You can catch them all over the lake in deep brush piles.

Catfish – Are starting to get back in the flats feeding back up from the spawn.

And yes, the spoonbill are still jumping.

Remember, I’m booking some trips to Falcon Lake in Texas for this winter. They are really catching them good down there now.

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Until next time…Good Luck Fishing from TONY COATNEY!

Note – Images in this post are courtesy of Tony Coatney.

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