Here is the June 17th fishing report from legendary Grand Lake fisherman Tony Coatney…

Hello Grand Lakers!

It has been an up and down week because of all the water coming into the lake.

When the water came up, the large mouth moved off the ledges and into the willows, which is always fun. But when we got all that rain it muddied up the water which was probably good overall but makes the fishing crazy.

Now that the water has dropped try the rock piles again for the large mouth.

Crappie filets from Grand Lake

This is the reward of a great day of crappie fishing at Grand Lake!

For white bass it’s the time of the year that I hate! The whites are schooling on the little minnows which makes it crazy…you have to run all over the lake. You see them schooling then there gone! Itss a tough way to catch them and it usually happens for about 2 weeks.

We’ve been catching crappie in brush piles. Where ever you can find a brush pile you should catch the crappie.

Catfish are in the rocks spawning and the spoonbill are jumping, so look out for them!

You can always call me, Tony Coatney, at (918) 964-0049 to schedule a great Grand Lake fishing trip. And don’t forget to book a trip to Falcon Lake in Texas…those are starting to book up so call now to get the time you want.

Until next time, Good Luck Fishing from Tony Coatney!

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